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Born: 20 (Nov 10th)
Character Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single (yet not looking)
Location: Willowbrook, IL
Hobby: Video Gaming
Music Composing
Walking (Adventure Time!!!)
Talking with friends

Xenimar is a hybrid of a shadow and a wolf within one being that has the appearance of a hell-hound, but yet portrays himself as a curious, yet nosey angel. At this time he has not revealed his "true" form as the hybrid, but wishes to express himself in the way he wishes to show to others. He may be as nervous as he is in animal form, but in human form he can be as outgoing as a comedian performing in front of his family trying his best to entertain those who he cares for. At times he can get very lonely and this can cause himself to, in some cases isolate himself, especially in his "true" form. He, in both forms is very kind, friendly, and at times very helpful to anyone that asks him for help/assistance with anything. He, also in both forms is very passionate in the tasks that he gives himself, such as his hobbies, interests, and ideas that he wishes to bring to life.

There are times, however where he can become very angry, but does not release his anger on other individuals; in fact he vents his frustrations with talking about the situation with those he holds close to his heart and venting about the situation to those who he is able to trust. If anyone asks him if he is alright, he will not hesitate to state how he truly feels when it comes to emotions. He is a very wide open book when it comes to any topic and will always give people chances to express their opinions, but he will express his at the same level he is being given the words of expression from.

He is very involved in the fact of finding friends, and always welcomes everyone who he comes in contact with. He may have his hard times, but when it comes to being with friends, nothing, physical nor emotional, can ever get in the way of pure joy.

He, to most people he has met is known to them as , "The Hero of Shadows."

Human Form Information

Sex: Male
Age: 20 (Nov 10th)
Location: Willowbrook, IL
Interests: Video Gaming, Writing, Art, Music Composing, Singing, Walking (Adventure Time!!!), Talking with friends
Dislikes: Cruelty to any living being, Hatred/Segregation, Exclusive behavior (turning people away from activities/hanging out)
Status: Single, yet not looking.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual