Tikaani Foxclaw

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Tikaani Foxclaw
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Born: June 28th 1991
Marital Status: Mated (Husky named Brett T.)
Character Species: Black and Blue Wolf
Location: Sun Prairie, WI

Tikaani Foxclaw is a black and blue Wolf Born June 28th 1991 (Age 18). Tikaani Foxclaw is fur from Sun Prairie, WI he has been an active member of the fandom since October of 2009. He currently is mated to a Husky named Brett T.
His con schedule for 2010 is as follows (subject to change):

  • May 27-31: Nakamacon (Madison, WI)
  • June 24-27: Anthrocon (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • August 13-15: Indy Fur Con (Indianapolis, IN)
  • November 19-21: Midwest Furfest (Chicago, IL)

Contact Info

  • AIM: emopanda100 (no i am not "the" emopanda)
  • MSN: e_peppin@hotmail.com
  • Yahoo: e_peppin@yahoo.com

Fun Facts

  • Tikaani: Meaning wolf in the Inuit language
  • Foxclaw: Eluding to the fact that there is a small bit of fox in this wolf