Shadow-Fox Kakuretsin

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Shadow-Fox Kakuretsin
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Alias(es): Shadow
Shadow Fox
Born: June 29, 1990
Character Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Taken
Character Species: Gold Fox
Location: Northwestern Chicago Suburbs

Shadow-Fox Kakuretsin is the character and fursona of the artist Zachary French. He currently lives in the northwestern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Zachary's essentially been a part of the fandom for longer than he can remember, but didn't realize what he felt and expressed was part of the fandom's mannerisms until 2001. His first alias, and character was a Mewtwo-type character with similarities to the Final Fantasy VII character, Sephiroth, mainly by the hair. Later, in 2004, was the year of Shadow Fox's creation. Zach's goal is to go to any anime/manga or furry/anthro convention he can. As his only rule of what not to draw or write, he doesn't do pornography. Additionally, Zach was a SysOp on the LAFF wiki site, but is still an administrator of his own InvisionFree forum called The Final Stand.

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  • YIM: ultimam2
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