Samii Tiger

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Samii Tiger
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Born: March 18, 1986 (Los Angeles, California)
Character Sex: Female
Character Species: Shape-and-Gender-Shifting Winged Siberian Tiger, Female Tiger, Male Wolf
Location: Elgin, Illinois
Conventions Attended: Rocket City FurMeet 2005-08?

Samii Tiger was born on March 18, 1986 in Los Angeles, California and was raised in Kankakee, Illinois for most of her life. She currently lives in Elgin, Illinois, near several other LAFF members. Samii has worked for Allied-Barton Security Services under contract with Office Max in Itasca, IL as a Contract Loss Prevention Supervisor since November 2006 and received a promotion, becoming the Site Supervisor of her team in June 2008.

Samii's fursona is a shape-and-gender-shifting winged Siberian Tiger. The other forms her fursona takes are reflections of her personal totems, as well as traits of her personality. Most times, she tends to take either her female tiger form or her male wolf form.


The character of Samii Tiger started out back in 1992 as a roleplaying character during recesses with friends. The group she played with developed the Ninja Animals storyline with humans who had their DNA merged with that of selected animals. These recess roleplay sessions continued until 1995, when she was moved to another school to pursue accelerated education in the district's newly-formed Gifted Program.

Following the transfer to a new school, she met a friend in her combined fifth and sixth grade class who introduced her to Furcadia in February of 1996. She started on there as Samii Tiger, formed the Furcadian Air Force, which was later disbanded due to lack of participation, and met Yaashma, and had conversations with sanctimonious.

In 1997, Samii left Furcadia at her mother's request, and left furry, as well.

In 2000, Samii returned to Furcadia and to furry, reconnecting with a part of her past that had been lost for a time. Three years later, Samii learned of Midwest FurFest and made plans to attend that year, which ended up falling through due to finances and lack of her mother's approval.

Samii was enrolled at Northern Illinois University in the fall of 2004. In her Japanese class, she met a fellow fur, Taren Nauxen, who introduced her to Tybis, another local fur on campus. Through these new associations, Samii was introduced to LAFF, or the Lake Area Furry Friends, and began attending the local fur events. During the course of the 2004 school year, Samii discovered her other forms, a Western Black Dragon, a Black Timberwolf, and a Tiger-Wolf halfbreed known as the Tolf. They are not only fursonas, but also personal totem animals.

Rocket City FurMeet

In May 2005, Samii attended her first furry convention, Rocket City FurMeet (RCFM) in Huntsville, Alabama, where she volunteered and met many of her current friends. At Midwest FurFest of the same year, she was supposed to attend and present two panels, but was unable to due to transportation issues.

In late 2005, Samii was offered the staff position of Volunteer Wrangler for RCFM, which she held for RCFM 2006 and 2007 and continues to hold. She has also served as a member of MFF Security for the 2006 convention.

At RCFM, one can find her either helping out alongside her volunteers, trying to catch a catnap, at the Sublevel 03 and Critical Fail shows, or leading a panel with Commander Kitsune.

RCFM Staff Page Description: Samii's been in the volunteer wrangling business for roughly 7 years in various venues, now entering into her third year with Rocket City FurMeet as a member of Staff. Though the draconic tiger-wolf is experienced in prodding stagehands to do her bidding, she's still trying to figure out how to lure furries. Evidently, the catnip isn't working, though it evidently keeps her in the majority of the RCFM Staff's good graces.

Outside of RCFM, Samii works Loss Prevention in the Chicagoland area with fellow fur Ken Redtail at a major office supply warehouse/office building. When not at work, Samii manages to experiment in the kitchen with new recipes, draw tribal-style artwork, and sing along with whatever song happens to be playing at the moment. She is an active member of the Lake Area Furry Friends community and has a penchant for costuming, whether it be fursuiting or dressing in period garb for the local Renaissance Faire.

At con, people can find Samii running about the halls, in hospitality lending a hand, spotting for a couple of her fursuiter friends, or at one of the concerts. Catching this tiger by her toe is not advised, as she wears steel-toed boots, but she'll gladly stop in the hallways to say hello and give friends a quick hug before moving to pounce her next vic-- volunteer.

Fun Facts

  • "Samii" doesn't translate to anything, but it does write out nicely in Japanese.
  • Samii has worked as a grocery store cashier, grocery clerk, restaurant assistant manager, general employee at a Halloween store, and security guard -- all in the same year!
  • Samii also goes by Nikolai Kenneth Shikoba as her drag (and fursuit) name.
  • Samii can be found on SecondLife, often hanging around the RCFM Island.
  • Though raised Baptist, Samii's religious beliefs now fall under a mix of Shamanism and Paganism.

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