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S-Config's Fursona
Real Name: Marcus Legion
Alias(es): S
Born: 1977
Character Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"
Character Weight: 290
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Marital Status: Single
Character Species: Binturong
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Hobby: Art, Gaming, Computer Repair
Conventions Attended: Confurence 8 - 1995
Furry Connection North 1 2008
MidWest FurFest 2008-10
Nakamacon 1 - 2010

S-Config Or otherwise known as just "S" born in 1977 is a furry artist and a fan since 1992. He currently lives in the Milwaukee, WI region.

Artist Information

As an amateur artist S likes to work with digital mediums while doing the occasional analog sketching as well. Some of his other talents are working with LightWave for 3-d modeling for gaming and animation.

Characters and species

Currently, S-Config is a Male Binturong approximately 5'9" who works as a reporter in the future known as the "After-Now". Whenever possible S enjoys the finer things of humanity such as nice clothing wearing things like business suits and glasses may be common for him. And having them custom fit to keep tail, feet and hands moving freely as he works.

Although things like clothing is not really required. It's something nostalgic of the old world yet also something to look forward to. S likes to believe that the suit regardless of form doesn't make the fur. But the fur still has the duty to shine brighter then any textile he or she wears.

Furry Conventions attended

Limiting the convention to just ones relevant to LAFF by listing furry conventions acknowledged by wiki:

Confurence - 8 - 1995 - Attendee

Furry Connection North - 1 - 2008 - Attendee

Midwest Furfest - 2008, 2009, 2010 - Attendee

Nakamacon - 1 - 2010 - Staff

FurSquared - 1 and 2 - 2014-2015 - Attendee

Future Conventions

Currently S is not looking at any conventions in the foreseeable future. This can change if a convention is interesting enough to actually attend.

Second Life

On Second Life he goes by the name of Riot Ornitz which the primary avatar used is a Crux character.

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