Rex Wolfsel

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Rex Wolfsel
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Height: 5'9"
Character Species: Grey Wolf
Location: South Suburbs of Chicago

Hello fellow fur friends!

I'm just an incredibly nerdy guy from the South Suburbs of Chicago, looking to meet some new people. I love old video games and anime. I can tell you my favorite Doctor, I own a Pikachu N64, and I can play Starcraft with the best of them. (Not really, but Gold League.) Currently I'm in upper management at a quick-service restaurant. (It's not fast food, but not fine dining either... Think Denny's!) I've been offered a few different paths I can take by the owner, but I've decided that I wanted to attend Columbia College in Chicago for a degree in Interactive Art and Media. I went to culinary school and dropped out when I found out that in order to get a B.A., I would have to start completely over since none of my credits transferred regionally. I'll be attending Columbia College in the spring. Generally speaking, I'm pretty good at music theory, cooking, baking and video games. I used to want to attend school for vocal performance, and I've still got some of what I used to have, but I've gotten fairly rusty.

A few of my favorite things -Books : The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll Favorite Movies : Star Wars : Episode I, Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away TV shows : Adventure Time, Regular Show, Doctor Who and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Favorite artists : Queen, David Bowie, Rilo Kiley, The Star Onions, Modest Mouse and Of Monsters and Men Food : I love mousses, tortes, strawberries and Italian food in general.

So, I suppose I should write what I'm looking for... Well, I'm looking for friends, acquaintances, networking opportunities, potential dates and relationships and just generally cool furfolk. I'd love to chat with you all! I promise I don't bite!

My character is a grey wolf and weasel hybrid. He's about 5'9", 21 years old with dark grey hair and green eyes. He's got a light grey topside and his underside is a vibrant white coloration. He wears a purple and black striped hoodie and long, baggy black and purple Tripps or dark blue jeans.