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Alias(es): PC
Born: Feb. 3, 1986
Character Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Taken
Character Species: Snow Leopard
Location: Uptown Chicago

"PunkCat" is the character of the artist Nina Riggs. Nina (pronounced 9-uh) currently lives in the uptown neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois and attending SAIC. She was born and raised in the Champaign county area of central Illinois (on the Salt Fork River Forest Preserve to be exact). Nina has been part of the fandom for as long as she can remember, but didn't truly realize what it was until high school when she discovered an online furry chat room. It was there that her most commonly known alias was created: "PunkCat"- "Punky" or "PC" for short. PunkCat is a snow leopard known to hang out in trees and glomp unsuspecting victims. Nina has one fursuit (PunkCat) and plans on attending some sort of furry/anthro convention or meetup. She also plans on doing some "around town" fursuiting in Chicago- hopefully around Lincoln Park, Grant Park, and Millennium Park, and possibly up and down Michigan Ave for some great photo-ops with tourists! Nina is most commonly know by her screenname "blackcat2086" can also be found on deviantArt, LiveJournal, YouTube, and Facebook (under her human name, of course).

Contact Info

  • Yahoo!: Punk_Cat9
  • AIM: Cheshire9Smiles

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