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Real Name: Daniel S. Keller
Character Sex: Male
Character Species: Human Mad Scientist
Location: Downers Grove, Illinois

Hoagiebot is the convention badge and online name for Daniel Keller, a furry artist and an animator from Downers Grove, Illinois. Hoagiebot owns his own animation studio called Project Destiny Studios, and has had his artwork published in print, shown in art galleries, and sold in furry convention art shows several times. Currently, his two most well-known furry-related projects are an interactive hand-animated Microsoft Agent character and an animatronic robot of Foxee, his female cartoon arctic blue fox character. Both of these projects are still works in progress, and their final versions will be debuted at a later unspecified date.

Hoagiebot attends several local furry-related events each year, including Midwest Furfest, DucKon, the LAFF New Year's Eve Party, LAFF Boo at the Zoo, LAFF Movie Nights, and Bowling. He often attends furry-related events dressed as a human mad scientist, complete with a lab coat and welding goggles. In 2005 he gave two panel talks at Midwest Furfest as an expert in animatronics and fursuit construction, and he is a regular art show gopher at DucKon. Along with being a member of the furry fandom Hoagiebot is also a professional PHP and MySQL Database Programmer, an Amateur Extra Class ham radio operator, a collector of vintage computer equipment, a member of the hacker subculture, and a brony.

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