Erik Lepp

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Erik Lepp
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Born: February 23, 1993
Character Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Character Species: Arctic Schnox (Snow Leopard/Arctic Fox)
Location: Chicago, IL
Hobby: Novice Anthro Artist
Freelance PC Tech
Conventions Attended: Midwest FurFest 2011-13

Erik Lepp is a snow leopard/arctic fox hybrid living in Chicago, IL born on February 23, 1993. He is a regular attendee of LAFF meets, more often the Bowling meets held in Downers Grove, IL.

He had initially been introduced to the fandom in 2007 through forums and users on the anime-based social network, Gaia Online. Three years later in 2010, his interest over time grew, compelling him to create a user account on Fur Affinity on February 19th. A year later, he began attending LAFF Bowling furmeets and has been a monthly attendee since then. That same year, he attended his first furry convention, Midwest FurFest 2011 and continues to attend MFF and other local conventions yearly.

Brief Fursona Description

Fursona Name: Erik Lepp
Species: Arctic Schnox
Eye Color: Forest Green
Head Fur Color: Black
Defining Features: Pair of green stripes along the contours on both sides of his nose
Accessories: Black-Rimmed Glasses, Wakazashi (Tōshō), Black Fingerless Gloves

Fun Facts

  • He "gophered" at Midwest FurFest 2012, helping primarily in the con suite
  • He is one of four administrators on the "Illinois Furs" Facebook group
  • He had been a LAFF staff member, helping with public relations as well as LAFF badge registration
  • His favorite genre of music is alternative and pop-punk, with his favorite local radio station being 101.1.
  • As a hobby he is a novice anthro artist, writer, and poet in the furry fandom. In addition to his hobbies in the fandom he is also a freelance PC technician in Chicago, IL.

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