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Coffee Nights are regular or semi-regular events hosted at coffee shops for socialization and caffeination. There are a number of events in the area, and by design they are simple for anyone to organize without the need for much planning.

Current Coffee Nights

Madison, Wisconsin

Main page: Madison Coffee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Main page: Milwaukee Coffee

Arlington Heights, Illinois

Main page: Arlington Heights Coffee

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Main page: Kenosha Coffee

Host Your Own Coffee Night

There is certainly room for more coffee nights in the LAFF region. Would you like to start one in your area? Here are some friendly tips:

  • Don't restrict yourself to big-name coffee shops. While chains like Starbucks and Caribou Coffee might seem like a nice place to hold a coffee night, these venues tend to be late, late night affairs and most of these chains don't cater to us night owls. Not to mention they're also known to charge by the cup, and at 3 or more dollars a cup caffeine-charged socialization can become a pricey venture. Try to stick to either independently-owned coffee shops or greasy spoons such as George Webb's, IHOP, Iron Skillet, or Perkins.
  • Find a location near a major roadway. If you can find a location just off of a highway you're bound to get a fair number of folks to stop by.
  • Post it and just do it. Attempting to plan an event on the list usually doesn't go too far. Your best course of action is to simply state where and when you're going to host your coffee night and wait for people to show up. You may only end up with a handful of people, but if it all goes well, you can get the same crowd to show up the next week and then some.
  • Post about the event in advance, and then again as the date approaches. For a coffee night you'll want to post about the event about a week or two in advance so everyone can plan accordingly. You should also make a follow-up post the day before as well to see if you can scare up a few more guests.
  • Cover all your bases and post everywhere. Post to the wiki, to the main mailing list, the [ event announcement list], the community LiveJournal, on Facebook, MySpace... any place the locals tend to visit online. Not everyone is timely on checking their email, and even when they are it may get lost in a myriad of other emails so post about it everywhere.
  • Don't be disappointed if you don't have a big turn out the first time around. Most events do start out small do don't be surprised if you find yourself enjoying coffee by yourself and maybe one or two other people. Drag a friend or two along to come with you regardless of what a post to the list may turn out, or make do with your own company and bring a book or chat it up with the wait staff.