Arigon the Golfing Dragon

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Arigon the Golfing Dragon
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Born: 1949
Marital Status: Taken (Karee Bunda)
Children: Kendricks Redtail
Location: Chicagoland area of Illinois
Hobby: Golfing
video games
watching wrestling
Conventions Attended: Midwest FurFest
Rocket City FurMeet

Arigon the Golfing Dragon (born 1949) is a dragon from the Chicagoland area of Illinois, U.S.A. He is the mate of Karee Bunda, having been together for 30 years, as well as the father of Kendricks Redtail. As his name implies, Arigon's love is golf. He has been golfing for several years, a passion he inherited from his own father. Other hobbies include painting, reading, video games, watching wrestling and bowling. He is a Christian. Arigon is a jack of all trades, having pursued vocations as a Navy cook, a paramedic, a handyman, a custodian, an interior decorator, a painter, a firefighter, a steel mill worker, a construction worker, even a stagehand in high school. As a result, he has a vast field of knowledge in building and repairing things ranging from leaky faucets to broken arms to collapsed beams. Arigon can be seen at cons such as MFF and RCFM, wearing his trademark red dragon kimono. He also has plans to attend FWA in the near future.