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Real Name: Manny Zamudio
Alias(es): Aniro
Aniro Sukuro
The Wolf Warrior
The Lone Wolfmutt
The Midnight Warrior
Born: Unknown, perhaps hundreds to thousands. (Apparently 22 Earth Years)
Character Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, female-leaning
Marital Status: Lone Wolf (Single)
Character Species: Werewolf-Dragon Hybrid (Not of Earthling Origin)
Location: Chicago, IL (RL)
Unknown; A different plane of reality/the universe (Fursonia)

Real Life Stuff

Aniro is a 22-year old male formerly from the Southwest Side of Chicago, now transplanted to the near West Side. He is currently a college student at Harold Washington College in Chicago, majoring in English and hoping to become a poet and fantasy writer someday, including expanding into furry writing eventually. He first discovered the Furry Fandom in the summer 2006 when feral artist (and long-distance mate at the time) Nekoyasha12 discovered anthropomorhic art online and learned more about furries and the eccentric fandom. Aniro and Neko worked together to develop his fursona and a storyline in 2007 that he to this day still tries to develop. These days, Aniro mainly communicates with furries online on Twitter, @LoneWolfAniro, where his following is over 800, mostly furs, and has since 2011 become more active in the fandom during Midwest FurFest and LAFF gatherings, and more recently at Furry Connection North and Rainfurrest.

During Aniro's spare time, he is a writer, an enthusiast of technology (albeit not as much as Erik Lepp), motorsports, werewolf fiction, and sometimes drowns in music to pass the time.

Human Information

  • Human Name: Manny Zamudio
  • Alternate Names: Aniro, Aniro Sukuro, The Wolf Warrior, The Lone Wolfmutt
  • Birthdate: 13th April 1991
  • Orientation: Bisexual, female-leaning
  • Gender: Male
  • Current Location: Chicago, IL
  • LAFF Region: City of Chicago (Near West Side/Pilsen)
  • Relationship Status: Lone Wolf (Single)

Fursona Dirtsheet

Note: Fursona backstory currently a long-term work in progress.

  • Full Name: Aniro Sukuro
  • Species: Werewolf-Dragon Hybrid (Not of Earthling Origin)
  • Origins: Unknown; A different plane of reality/the universe.
  • Apparent Age: 22 Earth Years
  • Actual Age: Unknown, perhaps hundreds to thousands.
  • Titles: The Wolf Warrior, The Midnight Warrior
  • Eye color: icy sky blue
  • Fur color: cerulean blue, with black ears and yellow eartips with deep green headfur
  • Scale color: crimson red
  • Wing color: deep golden yellow, furred with feathered edges.
  • Time of Fursona Creation: Summer 2007, with help from Nekoyasha12.

Contact Info

  • e-mail:
  • AIM: Aniro25
  • YIM:
  • Skype: TheWolfWarrior

Fun Facts

Useless Wolf Warrior Facts

  • Loveable lone dracowolf who just looks out for his closest friends.
  • Former Journalism and English major at The University of Iowa, straight out of high school, before growing discontented in journalism due to the lack of civil discourse and politiciaztion of the media. Was once on the college radio station KRUI-FM as DJ Wolf Warrior.
  • Severely addicted to songs relating to animals, or bands named after animals/in relation to animals in some form. Bands include Mew, Fleet Foxes, Tiger Army, Lone Wolf, Sea Wolf, and Imagine Dragons, to name a few in his playlist.
  • Hates political and religious discussion due to closed-mindeness, but can't help but get sucked into conversations because of journalistic habits that refuse to die.
  • Loves hacking devices such as iPods, Android devices, and even computers to an extent with the help of the Internet, but has no clue how to assemble a computer.
  • Hated living near Midway Airport because it's so boring.
  • Once took a Greyhound trip from Iowa to New Hampshire for Christmas that took four days due to a snowstorm, and did it without his family's knowledge.

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