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Other than the mailing list itself, the LAFF LiveJournal Community is the best place to talk to other members of LAFF. There are also separate LAFF-based LiveJournal communities for discussing specific events such as the almost monthly LAFF softball game and monthly after-bowling party known as SliderCon. Lastly, there is also a special community for those special members of LAFF who love teh drama that is aptly named as LAFF Drama.

Second Life

The LAFF group maintains an active presence on Second Life. To join the group, from Second Life click on Search, then Groups, then type in "LAFF". The group is named "LAFF List" and currently has 53 members.

The group was initially founded by Sema JayHawk in 2005, and now she, Steel the Warrior, and Blazger moderate the group together. The headquarters currently sits on a 1024sm plot of land in the sim of Osondoson. It doubles as a virtual home for SliderCon and resembles a White Castle restaurant. You can quickly access our home on Second Life by using this SLUrl.


There are LAFF channels available on both the AnthroChat and FurNet IRC networks. Come on in and idle with us!


This room was made by Moryssa on FurryMUCK. It's mostly all zombies but is still useful to see when people are on. Log on and make a zombie to stick it there. Just teleport to room #84320 (Type 't #84320' without the quotation marks).


Fritzy maintains the LAFF Facebook group.


"The Reverend" Ash Maurice Cairo created a MySpace community for LAFF. Not much discussion goes on here currently.


LAFF has a presence on Frappr. While not much discussion goes on there either, but it does give the community and general idea of where everybody is.

AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, and Jabber

We're all online but.. it can be a pain trying to find us sometime. If you're looking for specific member, check out the Member Directory to get IM contact information.