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The purpose of this list is to assist with the coordination and planning of local events, and provide a facility for interaction between local furry fans. Other topics are allowed in moderation, but please take long involved off-topic discussions elsewhere.

There are two lists for LAFF:

  • "laff" is the discussion list. The discussion list is also available in digest format where you will receive just one email per day with all the day's posts inside.
  • "laff-announce" has only event announcements and is very low traffic.

To subscribe, visit for the discussion list and for the event announcement list.

Mail intended for the group should be addressed to laff at for the discussion list or to laff-announce at for the event announcement list.

Please don't send e-mail to both of lists, event announcements should only to "laff-announce" and discussions should stick to "laff".

Information on how to change to digest or unsubscribe will be sent to you when you subscribe.

Please consider subscribing, it will make life easier for everyone trying to get the word out on events.

Archives for the LAFF discussion list are available at Archives for the LAFF event announcement list are available at

Questions? Please e-mail puma at