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Official LAFF Events

Calling an event "official" is a bit of a misnomer as the Lake Area Furry Friends do not have a governing body to sanction events. However, the events in this section have been announced to our mailing list and are planned with our group in mind.


The Milwaukee and Madison-area furries hold regular weekly coffee nights to enjoy some light conversation and... well... coffee.


Held on the third Saturday every month, the LAFF community holds their monthly fursuit-friendly bowling meet hosted by Timoran.


SliderCon is a monthly trip hosted by Blazger to White Castle that usually follows our monthly bowling event.


In the past several years softball games are played during the warmer months and hosted by good ol' Stevie Maxwell. You can attend as few or many as you like, and heck, if you don't feel like playing then you can always be in the audience! Awards are generally given out after each game for players and bleacher bums alike. Often following a softball games are picnics and the monthly bowling event.

Movie Nights

Whenever a new movie featuring anthropomorphic animals hit the big screen you can be sure that a good number of us with be there. Some of these movie gatherings have even been fursuit-friendly.

Zoo Trips

What's the most fun place to go look at animals in all-too-small mock-ups of their original habitat? The zoo of course! Come join us! We have quite a number of great zoos in our area.

Memorial Day Weekend BBQ

Rabbi Tom and Hakeber host the annual Grilling of Dead Things in sunny Madison, Wisconsin every Memorial Day weekend.

Noah's Ark

Ever year Hakeber rounds up a large number of the local fanbase for a trip to the Noah's Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells.

Bristol Renaissance Faire

Hosted by Samii Tiger, the annual Bristol Renaissance Faire outing was organized to bring furry and the Ren' Faire together. Just don't let the Faire Dust get in your fur!

Tech Swap

The Tech Swap is for people who have extra technology around the home they want to get rid of, or trade for other bits of technology. Although selling tech isn't forbidden, the primary focus is on trading items, or even giving them away to people who need them.

North Halsted Holiday Shopping Spree

Artemis has decided to bring back the tradition of flooding the streets of North Halsted so you may make tasteful purchases for those who practice alternative lifestyles in the company of your fellow furry fans.

New Year's Eve Party

The LAFF New Year's Eve party, currently hosted by Riley West Wolf, is an annual traditional event dating back from 1997.

Unofficial Events

These events are usually not announced to our mailing list. Nevertheless a good number the LAFFurs have been known to be in attendance.


The first official LAFF potluck was held at Hakeber's home in Madison, but Ash has since ran with the idea, dragging it first to Daliwolf's home in Milwaukee and then to Plaugefox and SchizKitty place in the western suburbs of Chicago.

Turkey & Ham Shoots

American Legion Post 76 in Carol Stream, IL hold annual Turkey & Ham Shoots before Thanksgiving and Easter respectively. Prizes include turkeys and ham and the event benefits the needy and local community service organizations.

Pride Parades

We as furs have an preternaturally high ratio of persons of nonconformant sexuality amongst our group. Those who are, and those who support them, often like to show their support in the annual pride parades about the major cities of our area.


What's Ribfest? Why it's nothing more than the greatest converging of the greatest rib vendors in the Midwest, complete with root beer stands, elephant ears, carnivals, and free live concerts.

Man Day

Hosted by Jason Foxworth, Man Day is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of all that's good about men: violence, meat, and poker. It consisted of the viewing of a mindless action movie, dinner at The Charcoal Grill with everyone adjourning for cards later in the evening.

Midwest FurFest

MFF, while not a LAFF-specific function, is an annual furry convention traditionally held the weekend before Thanksgiving weekend in Schaumburg, IL. Many members of the LAFF volunteer their time as staff members, gophers, or support their hometown convention by being a sponsor.

Defunct Events

These events only live on in our memories... but they live on, and they were fun! All it takes is for someone to take the initiative and these events could start up again. Is that person you?

Six Flags Great America


While various furries have gotten together in the past at local bars to perform renditions of their favorite songs, there has not been a karaoke event for several months.

Western Suburbs Dinners

The Western Suburbs Dinners (or WSD for short) are dinners organized at a restaurant usually somewhere in the vicinity of the western Chicago suburbs. For several years, they were almost a monthly tradition, but have been organized infrequently, if at all, as of late. Efforts have been made to restart this lost tradition.


Current Projects

Works in Progress

We have plenty of articles that could use your help in making them great.

The LAFF Cookbook

Have you been to one of the local potlucks or cookie parties and have a recipe to share? Then please submit them to The LAFF Cookbook.


Posting Guidelines

by puma Without pointing claws at anyone in particular, please keep in mind a few posting guidelines...

List Basics and Helpful Hints

by Artemis

How to Host Your Own Event

by Artemis

Transportation Guide

Don't have a car but want to attend one our our many events? Then this guide is for you.

Art Gallery

Any LAFF-related media can be posted here. It can be a picture of our hyena mascot or of several LAFFurs or even a theme song. Currently we only have the T-shirt submissions from the 2001 contest and a logo-in-progress from Cuprohastes.

Looking to Chat?

Look here for information about LAFF on LiveJournal, IRC, Facebook, MySpace, FurryMUCK, and more.

LAFF Hot Death Uno

Hot Death Uno is a variant of the card game Uno developed by a group of student programmers at Penn State as part of a class project. The LAFF edition of Hot Death Uno expounds upon those rules.

Neighboring and Overlapping Furry Communities

Do you live a just little too far away from the Chicagoland-area? Are you looking for a group more centered around your specific location in the LAFF community? Then check out these handy links.

Gun Safety

Please read this article if you plan on attending an event that involves the use of firearms.

Convention List

Originally by Hakeber There really is a convention going on every weekend somewhere in the world! Check out here to look here for a great resources of furry con's and others sci-fi and anime con's as well!

The Sandbox

Before you start editing anything on the site, it might be a good idea to test the code out either on your own user page or in this Sandbox.